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     Imagine for a moment that a Klingon visiting 24th century Earth, is stopped by a person on a busy street who then asks, "have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior?" A very puzzled Klingon replies "no", is handed a Bible tract, and sent on his way. This Klingon has read all the ancient texts, and knows all the great deeds of qeyleS (Kahless) the Unforgettable. He knows that there is life after death, great and noble warriors join the honored dead in QI’tu’ (paradise), where their qa’ (spirit) will live in the halls of SIto’vo’qor (Sto-Vo-Kor) with qeyleS forever. He knows that qeyleS will return someday.

     He also knows that the dishonored dead suffer a worse fate, traveling to ghe’’or (Gre’Thor) on the Barge of the Dead where they face eternal damnation in the realm of the veqlargh (Fek’lhr).

     He even knows of the Prophecy of the quv'a'maH (Kuvah'Magh), written on ancient Scrolls found in a cave. He is familiar with all the tIghmey (customs) and lurDechmey (traditions) of his people. In truth, he is a very good Klingon. But he has never heard of Jesus Christ. (yeSu’a QaySt) Curious, and a bit skeptical, he reads the bible tract. This raises more questions then ever in his mind, and after consulting the cultural database, he proceeds to read the ancient Terran text known as The Bible.

    After a thorough examination of the Bible he see that the message of QaySt is the same as that of qeyleS, it is all about honor, duty , and obedience. Those who follow QaySt have eternal life in Heaven where they dwell forever in a great city of Gold with QaySt. QaySt is not qeyleS. qeyleS was a great patriarch of the Klingon Race, like Moses or Abraham was to the ancient Jews of Terra. QaySt is the quv'a'maH, the Savior. He is The One True Qunna’ (Definite, Great God)

    Now we all know that there is really no such Alien Race as the Klingons, they were created by the late Gene Roddenberry for his much loved Science Fiction series STAR TREK. His vision has enriched our lives by giving us this wonderful mythology to speculate about.

    But there are REAL KLINGONS. The real Klingons are the many dedicated Fen who take the time to dress, look, act, and even speak the language of the mythical aliens. And it is to these real people , and all other Fen that this message is aimed at.

    Jesus Christ, the Great God of the Universe is real. Those who truly follow and obey his teachings, and accept him as their personal savior will be forgiven of their sins and will receive eternal life.

    God created us all to be with him, but our sins separate us from him. Sin can’t be removed by good deeds, so Christ allowed himself to be crucified on the Cross to pay the price for our sins. Through his blood, we are cleansed of our sins. He died, for us because he loves us, and 3 days later he rose from the dead. Everyone who trusts in Him alone will have eternal life, and will live with Jesus Christ forever in Heaven.

Will you trust in Jesus right now as your only hope of eternal life and going to Heaven?

Will you accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior?

     Pray to Jesus today, repenting of your sins, and accepting Him as your personal Lord and Savior. If you are unsure of how to pray, here is a simple prayer as an example:

    Dear God, I am a sinner and need your forgiveness. I believe that you, Jesus Christ, shed your precious blood and died on the cross as payment for my sins, and then you rose again. I repent, please save me Lord. Come into my heart and become my Savior and the Lord of my life. Amen.



created 08/24/2003 ©MICHAEL JAMES OETTING.